Sexual Violence Prevention Speaker

Organizational Consulting

Why "Interpose?"

Definition of interpose

transitive verb

1a : to place in an intervening position

b : to put (oneself) between : intrude

2 : to put forth by way of interference or intervention

3 : to introduce or throw in between the parts of a conversation or argument

In a world where interpersonal violence is all too common, the most effective method of prevention is providing individuals with skills to step in, step up, and speak out in a wide variety of situations that lead to interpersonal violence. We provide you and your organization with the knowledge to interpose safely and calmly, thus creating organizations full of powerful humans keeping each other safe.


Dr. Kristy Dean Nadler

It was clear the first time I stood in front of a college classroom in 2007 that I loved educating adults. I combine this passion with over 18 years of education and experience in preventing and responding to power-based interpersonal violence in order to deliver empirically-grounded, engaging presentations.

I showcase easily-applicable skills so each attendee walks away empowered with at least one concrete action they can take to change their world!






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